Amed Bali and activities you can do

Amed is a 14-km strip of fishing villages in Karangasem Regency on the east coast of Bali, Indonesia. The area name Amed is taken from one of its seven villages. The other six are called Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas.

What do you have on your first top of mind when it comes to Bali? Yes, maybe most of you already know Bali from all the famous reviews on the internet, includes thousands of channels about the trip, vacation around YouTube even lots of influencers choose Bali as their base because it’s beautiful and natural spot already known for years.

But since you already know that Bali, as an island, has its huge variety of tourism spots everywhere as their main attractions, you might find that almost all the popular tourist spots in the south of Bali. You named it, from the iconic Kuta Beach, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, even the hype-center of digital nomads in Canggu. You might find it easier to get the reviews for all of them than other places in Bali that offered nothing but a BETTER spot and less-crowded area to make you enjoy your trip better than just going to the popular place.

Why do it’s called better? Because once you get into the place that you find less tourist and development progress around you, that is, by literally, you already got your holiday experience is better than just competing with other tourists in a queue for a pan of pizza on the popular sites, right? 

You might not like the situations that your destination for holiday turning into a place that turns your dream vacation into a nightmare. That’s why when it turns about other sides of Bali that you should put on your top travel destinations’ list, now it’s the time for Amed to be your next best trip bucket list!

But first, where’s Amed? How to get there? 

And why do we have to consider this place instead of other popular spots in Bali? What is going on in Amed that will turn your curiosity into lovely?

First, Amed is located on the eastern edge of Bali, in Karangasem regency that can be reached about 2 hours driving from the Ngurah Rai International airport. The spots can also be reached from Padang Bai harbor that is the main port of fast boat destination to Lombok and the Gili Islands. 

Ok, so what makes Amed so special then? You might consider this answer on your next bucket list only if you think that: 

You love to do your holiday activity on a place that could give you lots of outdoor activities to visit. 

You love to explore the nature with intimate experience for yourself, and expect for unforgettable moments that you can share with your lovely ones, and finally:

You like to capture some of the most beautiful scenes that you met on your holiday, and turn it into wonderful footage!

Yes, Amed might not as popular as other famous destinations in Bali right now, but if you at least have 2 out of 3 points above, prepare to pack your bag and get ready to know what can you expect from this eastern side of Bali!

So before you ready to book your next destinations, this is the top activities that you can do in Amed and we guaranteed that all the spots there is definitely worth every moment!

7 Top Activities You Can Do In Amed For Your Best Holiday Experience

The Japanese Wreck, diving spot

If you like to diving in Bali but you want to explore new spots with specific interests, then you can go to see the magnificent underwater life in Amed area where you can meet the sunk Japanese fish boat turns into a house for the school fish around. Don’t forget to get your own equipment and take the diving course first with the instructors if you are still a freshly one.

The Japanese wreck is located in Banyuning Bay close to the small village of the same name on the eastern tip of Bali. Banyuning is just one of the seven villages along the 8km long strip of coastline that is referred to as “Amed”.

Learn Free Dive

Still related to diving activity, you can also take a lesson to learn free dive around the Amed beach. You can rent the diving equipment from local providers there and prepare yourself to enjoy the beautiful moments.

Stand-up paddleboard in Amed

Love to challenge yourself around the sea? Try to have a sea kayaking or stand up paddleboarding to get a different atmosphere of water-related activity. Enjoy the vibes of a stand-alone fighter in the middle of the sea plus you can get the perfect spot for sunsets if you lucky enough to get the best stream in the afternoon. There is several paddleboard rent shop price roughly IDR 50k – 60k / hour check this guy on TripAdvisor share paddleboarding price in Amed.

Rent traditional boat

If you like to have water-related activities but prefer on a group tour, you can try to have a cruise in a traditional boat together with your friends and family around the beach.  You will get another perspective sunrise of Amed from the ocean, the price for rent traditional boat roughly Rp 250k – 350k per boat. Usually, fishermen start activities morning at 5.00 AM back to land around 7.30 AM.

Go snorkeling at Lipah and Jemeluk bays

For those who want to go to the beach to enjoy its natural view with less drama and crowd around, going to Jemeluk Bay with its naturally black sand will be worth your time. And also Lipah Beach is another great choice for snorkeling What else will you go to worry about when you just chill out with a cocktail or coconut water after enjoy snorkeling. Renting a snorkel sets cost roughly US$3.5.

Sunset Point for amazing views of Mount Agung

Enjoy watching the sunset behind Mount Agung at Sunset Point while sipping on a Bintang is probably the most touristy thing you can do in Amed! the best viewpoint (which overlooks Jemeluk Bay) was taken over by an outdoor restaurant a few years ago., but don’t worry restaurant price is just okay and have a good car or motorcycle parking lot with some empty land, easy to fly your drone.

Cycling in Northern Bali

Take a bicycling tour around East Bali, and with lots of natural spots, you can meet along the way like the views of Mount Agung, the green rice fields, and the most important: the fresh and less pollutions air that is very good to support your body immune and positivity in your days!

Find out more inspiration and what you can expect to get in Amed, here is some our Amed footage collection.